Family Office Real Estate Magazine: Changing Market Dynamics Make Real Estate Debt More Attractive to Family Offices

February 14, 2019


Crescit Capital’s CEO, Joseph Iacono, and Head of Structuring and Credit, Kim Diamond, contributed a byline to the January 2019 edition of Family Office Real Estate Magazine. Their byline discusses economic and market trends making real estate debt more attractive to family office investors.

“Market indicators and history suggest that the decade-long run of rising real estate values, development demand and overall employment and economic growth will return to the mean. For family office investors, these changing market conditions combined with a retrenchment of traditional capital sources have led to increased interest in real estate debt. Whether through direct lending to borrowers or investing with the growing number of debt-focused funds and alternative lenders, real estate debt offers family offices favorable risk-adjusted returns and will likely continue to grow in importance for portfolios in coming years.”

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